Hello, world! I'm a Software Developer.

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  => "Texas A&M University"

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  => "Computer Science"

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  => "May 2016"

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  => ["Programming", "Sports", "Designing", "Music", "Travelling"]

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        company: "INFOSYS"
        role: "System Engineer"
        startDate: "July 2016"
        endDate: "Present"

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  => "aly.anish@gmail.com"


Texas A&M University 2012 - 2016
Computer Science, B.S. College Station, TX

Relevant Coursework:

  • Introduction to Programming Concept
  • Data Structures and Algorithms
  • Computer Organization
  • Programming Languages
  • Introduction to Computer Systems
  • Programming Studio
  • Computer and Network Security
  • Computers and New Media
  • Information Storage and Retrieval
  • Software Engineering
  • Computer-Human Interaction
  • Design and Analysis of Algorithms
C/C++JavaC#PythonHTML5JavaScriptRuby on railsNodeJSMySQLMongoDBDjangoBootstrap

Infosys Limited 2016 - Present
System Engineer (Comcast | Xfinity Mobile) Philadelphia, PA

  • Working on creating a dashboard that extracts data from JIRA and constantly update reports every hour. This includes daily defect report, daily execution velocity, defects in vs. kill rate.
  • Working with Test Data Management team to develop a dashboard for test data creation and modifying data for testing teams.
  • Working with end-to-end team to execute tests cases.
Python Java Javascript MySql Django HTML CSS Bootstrap JIRA

Infinidigm Spring 2015
Software Developer Intern Austin, TX

Joined a team of software developers to design and build a Anonymous Survey Application. I worked as both the programmer and a designer with 2 more developers.

ScalaPlay FrameworkHTMLJavaScriptGitPhotoshopCSS

Guddes 2012 - 2014
Web Developer Sugar Land, TX

Worked as a web developer with 3 more developers where I had to work with a client to develop a website for them.


Code Day Houston May 25, 2014
1st Place Houston, TX

Cy-Woods Computer Science Contest April 17, 2010
4th Place Houston, TX

Clements Computer Science Contest November 14, 2009
5th Place Houston, TX

Waller Comptuer Science Contest October 17, 2009
4th Place Houston, TX


MySurvey   Joined a team of developers to build an Anonymous Survey Application with Scala and Play along with MongoDB.

Aggies Judging   A group project in software engineering class where we build Aggie Contest Judging Application with ruby on rails for Texas A&M Engineering Department.

RC Car   The remote controlled car was controlled by the Raspberry Pi attach to the two engines for right/left and forward/backward by a L298N relay board. The Pi was Python socket programmed in order to receive commands and the chat client was a web-based chat application with PHP and jQuery.

driveNdine   A group project in my Information and Storage Retrieval class where we created a web based application which finds the top 10 restaurants along the route using Yelp Dataset. This application was build with Python CGI Programming.

Planetary Commander   A group project in my programming studio class where we build a game using JavaScript, NodeJs, Socketio, HTML, CSS

DB Application   An application where we wrote our own SQL database commands in C++ to build a car dealership application.

Johnny Football vs. The SEC   I wrote this game as a project in my first computer science course. This game was implemented with C++ and FLTK graphics library.

SendMe   This is a Snapchat like application I build with Java and Parse while learning Andriod Developement.